Desiderata # 47 – Recreate the System (Callout to Scientists and Engineers)

This week’s meeting goes from the sovereign individual to the superorganism to Jordan Peterson to machines to humanism vs. trans-humanism and concludes with testing the system. That’s a mouthful, but we start out with some meditation music and do a mindfulness practice close to the end of all this.

During the talk, something triggered me. I studied engineering in college and nowhere do I remember being asked if what we’re doing was right. Let’s start here. Continue on until 1:01:00. In this small segment, I realized science and engineering’s fundamental problem- it lacks wisdom. Science and engineering formulates ideas and materials from the universe without fully understanding the consequences of those ideas. It has brought us to the endgame- AI (the personification of death). Look at what science, engineering and technology has done and still does. It’s make things that were once living into dead things (non-living machinations) like plastics, concrete, tar, dams, and steel just to name a few.

I challenge anybody who wants to support geoengineering and climate mitigation to considering the following:

  1. What’s your method for cleaning up your mess if geoengineering does not work?
  2. Show the mitigation process and how you get rid of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere like CO2 and CH4. Do you have a process for undoing it?
  3. How do you restore the system back in order?

If these questions can’t be answered, given proper thought and put into practice, geoengineering can’t be done. In trying to fix the climate problem and ignoring these questions, we will make more problems or make existing problems worse. If you’re not able to create an atmosphere, a climate, or a complex natural environment, then don’t even try to start these quick-fix programs.

Science and it’s applied form through engineering is about progress and moving forward. Never do we question progress? Never do we question technology? It’s a given. The problem is in trying to decouple from nature through technology and progress, it will inevitably do us in.

Reference (No Escape – Extinctionati Meeting 47)

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