10 Rules for Living in a Time of COVID

COVID has disrupted much of our lives. Perhaps it is time to look at ourselves introspectively and consider some rules for the “new normal”.

  1. Cultivate your space. Wherever you decide to be, cultivate the place that you are in. This can be in the form of gardening, mentoring youth, or taking care of the elderly. Gone will be days of driving cars or shopping in the mall. Developing and nurturing our land and our relationships with others will prove vital in the post-covid world.
  2. Take and give back. Whatever we take from the earth, give back in some form. For example, maybe excrement is not “just waste” but can be manure to cultivate soil? Gone will be terms “trash” and “waste”. The post-covid individual must develop ways of using and reusing earth’s gifts.
  3. Get to know your neighbors. Develop your relationships slowly and wisely. Trust takes time and in a post-covid world will prove to be vital for survival.
  4. Regress to Progress. A post-covid world will mean that we must eventually wean off of fossil fuel and electricity. Perhaps, we may have to start using older technologies that take longer to perform a task. The trade-off is survival of the viable human and hopefully we can hold off the mass-extinction of all species on earth. Use technology/electronics only in very special circumstances (i.e. decommission nuclear power plants) with the intent of going without it in the near future.
  5. Have your transactions done with Kairos time, not Chronos time.
  6. Know Yourself. Not just yourself as a person but learn about the history of yourself as a human being and how we got to this state of affairs. Perhaps, incorporate human psychology, past civilizations, and a bit of political history.
  7. Live with necessity in mind, not doing pointless tasks. Our time on this planet is limited (with or without the mass-extinctions). Why spend it on unnecessary things? Be cautious of your time and incorporate rule 6 with this one.
  8. Refrain from overexerting yourself. Most of our modern diseases and illness comes from overexertion of ourselves and everything else around us to its maximum use. In the process, we lose track of time, neglect those that need our attention and end up wasting our life.
  9. Cultivate an art. In times like this, we don’t need cheap entertainment like television or social media. We can create our own and share it with people close to us. Some examples could be drawing, poetry, and in this post-covid life, there can be more that are yet to be found.
  10. Live freely, wholly and meaningfully. Live life to the fullest whenever possible.

Bonus Rule: The Ripeness is all. Be neither overripe nor under-ripe

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